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I'm trying to build a small, friendly community for people who make things and want a chill place to hang out

I'm modelling this community based on advice from

I'm someone who makes mostly digital things, generative art, interactive media, and I'm also learning about electronics and modular synthesisers

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@gaeel i was just looking up the werkstatt-01 yesterday, it's so beautiful and not super expensive... but i haven't really explored music production enough to justify buying one. hopefully i can learn from you!

@vaida Yeah, the Werkstatt seems like the cheapest way to get your hands on some genuine Moog hardware

I'm mostly looking at Bastl Instruments stuff, notably the Kastle (really cheap) and the Bit Ranger, they're more "experimental" than Moog-style stuff, so how much you'll enjoy them depends a lot on what you're looking for

@vaida In a similar style, I got an Olegtron 4060, and I absolutely love it
It's literally just a box with a weird chip in it, and you connect things and stuff happens
And by "connect things", I mean just grab random components, capacitors, LEDs, other chips, and just shove 'em in the patch bay

@gaeel ooh this is really cool, yeah i see that it's more electronics/hardware focused experimentation? really cool you can mess around with random components! i think i'm mostly interested in having some nice non-default-instrument generated synths to add to my ableton tracks hehe

@vaida Yeah, the 4060 isn't *really* a musical device, but it happens to be good at making audio-rate signals

If you're looking for something well-behaved that you can easily use to make and record sounds for music, I'd not recommend it

@vaida On the other hand, Kastle + Pocket Operators is a good combo for jamming:

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