every time someone goes "irc was so good it's sad to see it get replaced" i laugh into madness a little

do i really have to remind you how shitty and dangerously unusable it is. authoritative point i use it everyday

the primary way to make it bearable is to run an irc client on a server and that should give you a little hint that something is fucked up

when you leave denial that's a monthly fee, a machine to maintain, and sysadmin skills required just to join a chatroom in decent conditions

@CobaltVelvet I think this is one of the things that make someone like me, who learnt Linux in college and enjoys messing about with command lines, feel a connection with IRC
But this does not, in any way make IRC "better"


@CobaltVelvet This is like other hobby things, like custom keyboards and home made cars, they're only better for someone who's got the time, energy and know-how to mess about with weird technology
Most people just want to have things that work and are reliable, and they shouldn't need to care more than that

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