Testing to see if Mastodon supports OG tags, and also sharing this article about my cute mechanical keyboard



My website builder now generates a bunch of tags with metadata, so I can do things like OG tags
Coming up next: RSS, IndieWeb & ActivityPub

RSS and IndieWeb should be walk-in-the-park level work because they're simple xml files and html tags
ActivityPub is a bit confusing to me, but I figure that'll be next week's challenge

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RSS Support!

Here's a feed to the entire website: spaceshipsin.space/tag/all/rss

Each separate subject has it's own feed though, so if you only want to subscribe to one or two subjects, you can pick&choose
For instance, here's the "review" feed: spaceshipsin.space/tag/review/

@gaeel What do you mean by tags here? I don't see anything obvious in the website embed.

@tmpvoid Just the html tags with metadata that social media websites use to generate the preview card
The image, preview text and title are taken from those tags in this case.
Without the tags it just displays a link instead of a card

@gaeel Ahaaa, right after asking I was actually wondering how it pulled the page image. Good to know :)

@gaeel Ahh cool, I hadn't come across the meta tag yet. Seems useful :)

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