I love these moments at the beginning of a project, where nothing looks like anything yet, functions just return default nothing values, and my ADD hasn't shifted me to the next shiny thing yet


Staying mysterious for now, but I *am* willing to reveal that I'm making a roguelike

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@gaeel re your infinite / streaming procgen question: wasn't the wavefunction collapse related to that? maybe there's something you can use

@Ludonaut Yeah, that's one method I'm looking into, I was curious to see if people had implemented other similar things

The route I'm steered towards now is to generate finite dungeons, and connect them while hiding the seams

I'm not there yet because I need a little bit more work on the tech stack

@gaeel my understanding is you generally want to achieve some kind of deterministic noise with seeded randomness (i have no idea what i'm talking about)

@Ludonaut Yeah, that's something I'm familiar with
My go-to technique is to use an md5 hash of coordinates and generate values from that

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