lol if i spent that much time loading objs and tweaking the display for it all to just be a ui decoration, that'd be the funniest thing ever

cops on mastodon 


Put this unfinished thing back online

One day I'll finish the weird stuff that is supposed to happen with the anomalies

Lovely side-effect of running your own Git server (I'm using Gitea): Add a hook to pushes to your website repo and have them deploy automatically

It's a five-line script that you can write directly into the settings of a Gitea repo, it's really nice!

"Progress" on this turn-based anti-gravity racing game

(Progress in scare quotes because actually I tore a bunch of systems apart in a big refactor and the game still looks the same)

Trying to make a demoreel from old projects
Half of my projects are super-hyped up arcade flashy bullshit
The other half are slow, brooding meditative pieces

Here's my first shot at cutting together that first half
(cw: flashing)

Stumbled on this old screenshot from a laptop I had that suddenly corrupted its fonts folder

Using Blender as an image editor is really good!

Image 2: Selectors to toggle between "slow but final" and "quick but preview" images and paths

Image 3: An output system two quickly toggle & split FX on/off, output files, etc...

The source files are just over 1GB
The project file is 3.4GB
We're looking at around 20 billion samples, and I'm hitting diminishing returns pretty hard, there's still some noise, but I think it's within acceptable levels
Working on colour-correction now

Feeling really confident about bringing these to print!

Clocking in at around 30 billion samples now
There will always be noise (random sampling πŸ€·β€‹), but we're getting to a smoothness that feels appropriate for printing
I'm looking into de-noising techniques, but mostly I'm just letting it keep cooking, hoping it'll smooth out enough for my tastes
(Right click view image to view full resolution)

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