@Linzolle Yeah, that's fair
I try to use my big mouth to at least get people thinking about this stuff, but you got to pick your battles, don't lose your job over a branch name

@Linzolle Yeah, also a lot of these systems are hierarchical, so vocabulary that works as a metaphor for that is useful to help understand what the software is doing, but the metaphor here is rooted in colonialism and domination, so there's a need for better metaphors
Pretty much anything that doesn't perpetuate colonialist thinking really

@er1n @em Arf, I saw it on one of my feeds this morning, some op-ed about getting arrested as a way of protesting against climate change
A good chunk of the article is about how nice the police were with him and how they had vegan curry and a nice chat

On my way to Paris for Indiecade Europe, if you're around too, find me and say hi
I look like my avatar but my sweater is redder and headphones are grey

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Hey, so I set up Gitea on my server last night, and it's pretty easy (for a Linux server thing), plenty of people running it on Raspberry Pis and other low-spec machines. A nice way to escape the GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket thing.

Also, I pushed the sources to my personal website, if people want to see how it's made

@impiaaa Huh
(Also, I really don't want to use GitLab, dumping them was what started this endeavour)

Git is already federated, anyone can clone public repos

Gitea and other similar services aren't just a collection of repos though, they provide a bunch of other services, and those services ought to be federated too

And now I see what people mean when they say they want an ActivityPub-enabled Git server

It would be cool if fediverse users could post issues, star, and subscribe to the commit/release logs without needing an account on my Gitea instance

I don't intend to have open account registration to this Gitea instance, but I'd like it if people could easily report bugs and fork code as if there was

It's three in the morning, and I'm still just as bad at figuring out how to set up Linux services

But chekkitout, I have my own Gitea server now! It's hosting this brand new Git repo


I started using GitLab because GitHub was doing some shady shit, all GitLab had to do was not do shady shit

GitLab does some super shady shit


With that in mind, I'm going to be setting up my own Git server soon, with a NoShadyShit™ guarantee, which shouldn't be too hard, all I have to do is not be an asshole to marginalised people, and not work with fascist organisations

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GitHub: maybe working with ICE is ok? Our employees won’t mind, right?

GitLab: Hold my beer.


H/t @KTamas@twitter.com

@em And then they use secret satellite technology to get high res video of where the pilots are stranded, and like, why didn't you use that satellite to spy on the enemy in the first place instead of sending a plane?
I don't know the answer to that, because as I said, I walked out

@em The premise is a secret reconnaissance mission goes wrong and pilots are stranded in enemy territory. If they're caught, then everyone will know America was spying, so they're trying to get them out.
There's a big "the American people want their men back!" scene and like, the American people aren't supposed to know they're even gone at this point

@em First movie I walked out of was "Behind Enemy Lines"

I was expecting the usual patriotic bullshit, but this goes above and beyond, and digs plot holes large enough to sail an aircraft carrier through

It's definitely not in the "so bad it's good category" either, it's just a bit shit

@Ludonaut If I have a bit more time, I'd argue that you need to fail early and fail often on those specific parts

For instance: I was hired to work on a project where the pitch was to create a "virtual online protest" with a march made of thousands of 3D avatars running in a browser. The first thing I did was download a bunch of random character assets from the asset store and turbosquid, dumped them in a scene and ran it in a browser, and based my rate and estimates on that

@Ludonaut Pick your battles
Figure out what the most important thing about your project is, and keep that in mind, optimising for that one thing throughout every decision

If you're making a game about a specific feeling, spend time on the bits that help elicit that feeling, and do the bare minimum on everything else

Example: It doesn't matter if your combat system is so-so in a game about making friends to go on an adventure with, but the dialogue needs to be perfect

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