I don't care about connectivity...

Players can build walls, dig tunnels, and create various teleportation/phasing/travel devices

If there's a thing they can't get to, they can just build/dig/technology their way there...

Firefox' "Reader View" is amazing, especially when paired with this addon that lets you activate it pretty much everywhere


A little button in the address bar re-styles the page for great readability, with some options to customise for your needs

@dzuk I'm excited to see that this is coming, it's great to see a new addition to this space!

I really like the look of all of the experiments you were posting before, and if Parastat looks even half as good, it looks like it'll be lovely to use

@themoep Yeah, I was just hanging out on the Change.org tech forum between coding cycles, and because I'd found so many workarounds and undocumented features, I was answering other people's questions

Basically, for a few months, *I* was their tech support guy

@jakub Oh yeah, we were even technically in a "partnership" with them, with privileged access to their technical team

It was so... so... bullshit
The whole project got changed to heck because there's literally no way for us to connect a user on our app to a user on theirs

No Oauth, no token, nothing to generate a link, nothing...

@jakub or make an app that integrates with Change.org and get the best of both, bad/deprecated/unstable api, bad docs (if you contact support, they'll send you a link to their forum where someone has the same problem and has been fixing other people's API issues, the twist is that that someone is you)

A fun thing about this is a get to claim world record on a bunch of games, lol

Here's King Slime in 18.886s

@ebel i often try to consider intent, and the balance of power when assessing this kind of thing

there is never a blanket rule that works, you always have to exercise some form of subjective evaluation to decide what's acceptable or not, imho

Side-tracking myself by speed-running my students' games

Anyway, here's Find The Cat in 18.75s

@electret if it's not super private stuff and you'd like me to build and send, let me know

@electret also, if you have available updates that you've not installed yet, those can take up a lot of space, either complete the updates or remove the installation files until you need them

@electret yeah, macs really aren't great with disk space
i'm considering installing a bigger ssd in mine, just so it stops being a hassle

@electret although, reading your first post again, i don't remember xcode needing a full 20gb
maybe it's just because i've always had it installed and just need the updates that aren't quite as heavy?

@electret this was entirely commandline, i've only ever opened xcode gui when working on some iOS projects a couple years ago

typing "brew install tldr" will request a full xcode installation, because that's how you compile c++ for macos

@electret like yesterday, i installed tldr (tldr.sh/) to my mac, and it needed xcode to compile the dependencies when installed via homebrew

once installed, it's a couple kb, but it first needed to pull ALL of xcode to compile libzip or something

@electret xcode is terrible

like, it's not a terrible piece of software, but just having to have that massive chunk of software, in its entirety, just to recompile a tiny app is terrible

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Hey, theres a new draft of the Adventurer available right now with new art and a better layout. Also has an oracl and aura in the back to help you kickstart your game. Go check it out! #rpg #ttrpg


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Just a reminder: taking care of (and repairing) your electronics is a great way of making them last longer.

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