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Hello, gardeners of the void! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!

I'm currently learning about web development, music production, and trying to spend my time online more consciously.

Also, in the past week or so I've started listening to the radio (KEXP), which I never do, and I'm kind of mindblown.

I usually use Spotify and let it run recommended songs after a playlist of mine, so it's been so nice to hear more diverse & interesting music, and the air breaks make it feel so much more... personal? Knowing that someone is hand-picking the songs and other people are hearing the same things as me.

I'm taking a course on temporal design & critical time studies this semester and it's really interesting! It's about how social factors affect how we perceive, define & act on time, and how time is political, eg. how colonialism has imposed their time on indigenous cultures.

It's my first discussion-based class, so I'm looking forward to learning a lot!

Here's a sneak peek from the introduction of "Timing Canada: The Shifting Politics of Time in Canadian Literary Culture"

Wondering how I could track the work I do on different projects in a way that allows me to remember what I've been working on, but not make me feel guilty if I haven't been consistent-- they're meant as personal projects, so I don't want to add unnecessary pressure πŸ€”

So far, I'm in the process of moving from Chrome to Firefox, and planning on asking if some of my friends use/would consider using Signal instead of Messenger.

I'm also thinking about Google Drive/Docs/Sheets alternatives-- I'm quite curious about !

I've started chipping away at moving to more privacy-respecting services, mostly using and as resources. It's a slow and gradual process, but it's a great opportunity to start fresh, figure out what I want and how I want to use it!

This comes at the same time as me trying to use a pick with my guitar for the first time in ages and realising I like it-- it helps me play more complex strumming patterns! So I've been playing for a bit in the evenings, and it's been really rewarding, especially since both Phoebe and Angie have nice decorations/rhythms in their guitar playing that I can practise.

My current rotation for the past few days has been Angie McMahon's Salt, and Phoebe Bridger's Stranger in the Alps. Both have lots of songs with chords on UltimateGuitar, so I've been having a lot of fun playing them!

A lovely conversation about songwriting, collaboration and being a fan. Carrie & Maggie vibe off each other really well, and I love Maggie's work. Hope they do more of these!

mastodon: starts supporting audio files natively
soundcloud: "our free limit will now only allow for 15 tracks"
me: we really have no choice in who to stan, do we


Advice I would give my younger self: if someone has a reputation for fighting for a cause you believe in, that says nothing about whether they are a kind person. If you meet or interact with them, it will go as well as if you met someone at random you've never heard of.

If someone has a reputation for kindness, then meeting them will probably go well. I've never regretted meeting someone after a person I trust said of them "Wow person xyz is the nicest, kindest human being I know."

Got a question for people on here (crosspost from Twitter):

Do you know of any resources about decentralised social media (in particular, Mastodon), explaining how it works and its benefits, & enabling non-tech people to use it? Can be any format!

Hey, the Eyeo Festival talks are now online! I know some of you were asking to see my talk that included this slide. Well, it's here!

A monday morning synthpop sketch coming your way! I'm having so much fun with the AKAI MPK controller, it makes it so easy to try things out!

Spent some time this morning editing & putting up an article! I've been meaning to do more writing as it helps me engage in a deeper way, whether it is through journaling or writing down my thoughts on a specific topic.

missed opportunity for "what's streaming on stream dot void dot garden"...

i keep going "seed... void... garden..." but that is not the name of the instance i am on

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