mastodon: starts supporting audio files natively
soundcloud: "our free limit will now only allow for 15 tracks"
me: we really have no choice in who to stan, do we


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@vaida well fuck, time to permanently move off Soundcloud then.

@phoe been thinking about moving my stuff someplace else for a little while, this is a good motivator!

@vaida I mean, to be fair, their paid option is cheaper than the hosting I'm using for this instance (+ my various websites, Git repos and online experiments), and they offer unlimited hosting

They say "there's no such thing as a free lunch", but sometimes you know someone who has leftover food from all their cooking projects, and would rather share with their friends than let it go to waste?

@vaida Updates to Youtube's policy (, and this new SoundCloud thing makes me think we're about to see the "ad-supported media hosting" bubble pop

IMHO, the way to make hosting accessible should be the same way we made anything accessible in the past: public funding.
Libraries should have a hosting service, a couple GB per inhabitant.

@gaeel yeah, what I wanted to point out most is the friction/uncertainty when relying on platforms like SoundCloud-- there's no alternative/opting-out, except from completely changing platforms. exhausting if you have a backlog you want to transfer!

@vaida Absolutely
There certainly an incentive for all of these systems to create an environment that's easy to use and become dependent on, completely impossible to migrate away from
Whether they use this position to sell ads or pivot to subscriptions, it feels like a bait and switch

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